General construction and main construction in the building industry

As of today, our main activity became the comprehensive building construction from design to putting in operation, covering all parts of the facility. All that include the followings: Architectural works (demolition, structural construction, coating, construction of suspended floors and ceilings, plastering, surface coating, iron works, carpenter works), HVAC work (water, ventilation, heating, cooling, isolation), as well as electrical works (low-voltage, high-voltage) and building-automation works.

  • Office buildings – Offices
  • Family houses
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Sport centers
  • Industrial facilities – Industrial halls

Management and Engineering Services

Management and business management consulting, Construction project management

Building design, Interior design,

Landscape Architecture , Visual design


Technical management Supervision of the building process Technical verification

Financial-economical monitoring

Warranty issues

We offer a full service package for the design and official permitting of buildings, while also collaborating with the required specialists. Our profile also includes rendering visualization and planning of the interior design of buildings.

The construction technical supervisor helps and monitors – during the entire implementation process of the construction – the fulfillment of the adequate laws, administrative regulations, standards, contracts and the compliance of the architectural plan itself. In particular she/he is responsible for the monitoring of the construction process in accordance with the building permit, the approved architectural plans, the technical documentation and the construction plans. In addition she/he has to constantly check the construction log and mark the errors, shortcomings and differences within it while also provide quantitative and qualitative control during the building process and participate in the handover of the finished building.

Building construction and demolition activities can solely be done under the leadership of an adequate technical supervisor. Only a person who has the required qualifications and practice and who has a valid registration from the chamber of architects can perform the task of the technical supervisor. Her/his task is the enforcement and the fulfillment of the necessary legislations in order to assure that the building process is in accordance with the official permitting and that each element of the construction work is carried out according to the approved design documentation. Her/his tasks also involve the cooperation with the builder or with its local representative (construction technical supervisor). In case the project involves subcontractors, she/he also has to cooperate with their technical supervisors while participating in the handover and permitting processes – including the fulfillment of the required declarations.

Human solutions

When should you make use of our services?

In every planned or unplanned situation when the following problems arise:

  • Occasional or temporary lack of specific construction skills and/or lack of adequate management experience
    • Quick and/or temporary replacement of insufficient resourcesA task that requires special construction expertise, experience, professional leadershipManagement and co-ordination of unusual, unique projects.

Main aspects of our services

  • Limited for a given durationHelps mainly in the successful solution of a given problem or taskResponsibility and competence is fulfilled within the given company’s own task and responsibility hierarchyIntegration of an experienced, external specialistExtensive management, industry-experienced group of professionalsFull scope of problem solving methods within a given task

Benefits of our service

  • Direct project managementElimination of „operator” type of contracts, direct contact with the subcontractors doing the actual workDirect access to the realization projects at any given timeThe possibility for real-time and direct controllingFinancial discipline and independence during the course of the whole project due to the elimination of the multi-stage subcontractor structure

Result of the previous points is the ideal implementation of the project

Facility management

Technical operation and maintenance:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Water sewage and drainage
  • Ventilation systems
  • HVAC automatics and control
  • Gas and CO2 sensors
  • Low and high voltage electrical systems
  • Fire protection, extinguishing systems
  • Low voltage security systems
  • Others (elevators, sprinkler, etc…)

Other connected services:

  • Cleaning
  • Security services
  • Janitor services
  • Horticulture services
  • Pest control

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